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The Day After

The Day After is a true story drawn from the power of human psychology and mental strength. 

Beautiful, charismatic, and successful, Noa Pe’er knows she belongs in the spotlight, a place she has earned with hard work and a million sacrifices, for a simple reason. The day Noa took life into her own hands and embraced her true self was the day everyone turned their backs on her and tried to shun her like an outcast.

But Noa never stopped fighting. Behind the façade of the tough, successful lawyer laid a charismatic woman with so much love to give to the people who needed her. “The day after I finally stand before the world as the real me is the day I stand against the darkness and ignorance.” These are the words that grant Noa her strength, the words that guide her through a journey of hardships and jealousy, constantly reminding her of her true purpose in life.

Shai is a successful business prodigy and a happily married father of three. His academic and professional career may have been laid out with thorns, but he never let the struggles he faced pull him down. Strong, determined, and equally ambitious, Shai hides his pain behind a different kind of mask...but it won’t be long until he has to face his own demons.

A single overpowering secret is engraved in both their souls, binding them together into a treacherous game that will shake their lives to the core. Shai and Noa cannot ignore that secret anymore, and now it’s time it came to the surface...

As friendships wither, betrayal seeps into their lives, and hatred bares its ugly teeth, Noa and Shai must fight to bring light back into their hearts and conquer the fear that holds their freedom hostage. Will they make it?

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